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Hailed in its advertisement to be "the best teen movie since Heathers", Jawbreaker failed to impress me. (I never saw Heathers, but Jawbreaker was awful.)

Courtney Shane (Rose McGowan) is an incredibly vain and snooty high school beauty who "rules the school with terror". As a prank, Rose and two friends kidnap a fourth friend, gagging her with a jawbreaker candy. Soon enough, when they open the trunk of the car (where they've stored her) they discover she has choked to death. Apparently it never occurred to them that this might happen. The more they try to cover up their predicament, the more things start going down the toilet.

From this point on, the movie continues going downhill.

If this is supposed to be a teen movie, then it's vastly insulting to the intelligence of any teen that views it. Not only was Jawbreaker unrealistic and foolish, it wasn't even interesting to watch. McGowan's stuck up attitude became an annoyance, and the other characters weren't much fun to watch, either.

My Rating = One Star

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