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The Jackal



The Jackal
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The best part of this not-so-fast-paced action movie is the background music. That should tell you something right there.

In The Jackal Bruce Willis is the "Jackal", a Russian mercenary with many different identities (think Val Kilmer in The Saint), although his real name is unknown. Officials who are chasing him have reason to believe that he may be after the head of the American FBI, Donald Brown. In a desperate attempt to capture him, they try to draw important information out of a prison inmate who once knew the jackal. This inmate, Delkin Mulqueen, would, of course, be Richard Gere's character.

There were a few mildly amusing scenes. A tough female Russian KGB agent has a few good lines (think Janeane Garofalo with more muscles). Willis also does a gay kissing scene, which brought quite a few startled gasps from the audience. Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck kissing in the gay comedy In and Out is one thing, but macho man, action hero Bruce Willis kissing a man is somehow more shocking.

At any rate, this movie held my attention for a little while, but not the whole two hours, and provided only enough entertainment value for someone with a shorter attention span. Such people might include fans of shoot-em-up-everybody-dies type movies, although there really isn't even enough action for that.

My Rating = Two Stars

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