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Izzy and Moe



Izzy and Moe is an older, amusing comedy starring Jackie Gleason and Art Carney.

They play Izzy and Moe, two lazy slobs who apparently have avoided actual work for most of their lives. Finally, Izzy decides to get a job for the sake of his daughters, who are embarrassed to tell their dates what their father does for a living - nothing. So he becomes a Prohibition agent, but he needs a partner.

Enter Moe, his old friend to whom he owes a lot of cash - and who refuses to speak to Izzy. When Moe declines to become a Prohibition agent, Izzy threatens to arrest him for drinking! Moe decides he'd like the job after all. Soon, they are the best Prohibition agents ever, devising clever ways to trap people.

Gleason's and Carney's terrific performances make Izzy and Moe an entertaining movie that's certainly worth renting for a few good laughs.

My Rating = Three Stars

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