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It Takes Two



It Takes Two
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In the movie It Takes Two, Amanda Lemmon and Alyssa Callaway (The Olsen Twins) are two girls with very separate, different lifestyles. Amanda, an orphan, gets all scrubby and dirty playing baseball outside of the orphanage. She also has her heart set on being adopted by social worker Diane (Kirstie Alley), but Diane is single and doesn't make enough money. So Amanda goes to Camp Callaway for a week.

Camp Callaway, which was formed by Alyssa's deceased mother, is just where Alyssa's dad intends to send her since he doesn't want her around. He's getting remarried to a woman Alyssa knows will make a truly wicked stepmother - yes, just like in Cinderella. Alyssa sees no alternative, so she runs away.

While running away, she bumps into Amanda - and they discover that, although they're perfect strangers, they look exactly alike! They decide that if Diane, the social worker, and Roger Callway, (Alyssa's father, played by Steve Guttenberg) meet, they will fall madly in love, get married, and live happily ever after. Then Diane can adopt Amanda and it's bye-bye to Miss Classical, Wicked stepmom! So they pretend to be each other, and some hilarious happenings occur.

This is definitely a great rental for kids.

My Rating = Three Stars

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