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Inventing the Abbots



Inventing the Abbots
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This sluggish fifties saga isn't worth renting. Inventing the Abbotts has the plot of a daytime soap opera (which is to say that it has none at all) and while the acting is serviceable, I've seen better in the new family drama A Thousand Acres, for instance. The most dramatic scene in the movie (a fight scene between two brothers) falls flat, lacking the right level of emotion by both actors.

Pam Abbott (Liv Tyler), is the daughter of a rich businessman. She wants to date a "poor boy" from "the wrong side of the tracks" which is not to say that he's really poor, just that he isn't rolling in the dough quite like she is. Meanwhile, his older brother romances first Pam's younger sister, then her older sister. Also, a story slowly unravels about the affair Pam's father supposedly had with her boyfriend's mother (still with me?). It was all too confusing and lengthy for me, and I don't recommend it unless you're an insomniac looking for something to put you to sleep.

My Rating = One Star

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