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Interview with the Vampire



Interview with the Vampire
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An avid Anne Rice fan, I rented Interview with the Vampire in hopes that I would be spared the agony of watching yet another wonderful work of literature be butchered and revised beyond any recognition for the silver screen.

I needn't have worried - this movie has had some changes made, but resembles the original story closely enough so that it didn't lose its appeal.

Tom Cruise, who stars as my favorite vampire book hero, Lestat, is hardly recognizable underneath mounds of white makeup. Brad Pitt looks even ghastlier as Louis, Lestat's protege. In 1791, Lestat turns Louis into a vampire, and Louis, who has much respect for human life, is angry and resentful. (Having read other books in the series, I can tell you that Lestat felt much the same way after he became a vampire, but this film doesn't tell you much about Lestat's past.) The story continues on about Lestat's and Louis' adventures and leads up to the 1980's.

My one problem with this excellent movie is that it's more about Louis than Lestat, whom I find a trifle more diverting. Of course, I already knew the point of the movie. Anyone who's read a lot of horror novels knows this one: immortals may live forever, but they're really miserable because they're never at peace with themselves. This is a very interesting premise for both books and movies, and I just hope that more of Rice's novels make it to the movies.

My Rating = Three Stars

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