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Independence Day



Independence Day
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Independence Day impressed me.

When evil aliens from another planet attack earth the United States President (Bill Pullman), his assistant, and his assistant's ex-husband (Jeff Goldblum) are among the few who manage to survive. Washington D.C., along with 35 other cities worldwide, is bombed by the extraterrestials.

Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith) an air force pilot, his girlfriend Jasmine (Vivica A. Fox) and Jasmine's son, Dylan (Ross Bagley) survive the New York City bombing. Later, Steve narrowly escapes an alien plane attack, and causes the alien ship to crash. When it does, he finds in the wreckage - surprise! surprise! - an alien. "It" pokes its head up, and Steve punches its lights out saying, "Welcome to Earth!"

And, yes, Area 51 definitely exists and houses three dead aliens, plus their spaceship.

One problem: Even nuclear firearms can't stop these aliens. What is the world going to do?

The acting is imposing; the plot is unrealistic but intriguing. Humorous scenes break up the intensity of the plot, yet don't weaken the story.

My Rating = Three Stars

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