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In and Out



In and Out
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While watching the new movie, In and Out you won't grin, and giggle, you'll guffaw and howl with laughter. (I simply cracked-up with laughter the entire movie.) Howard Brackett(Kevin Kline), an English teacher in the small town of Greenleaf, Indiana, is the former teacher of famous young actor Cameron Drake (Matt Dillon) . When Drake wins an Oscar, he thanks Howard during acceptance speech, saying, "I owe it all to Howard Brackett of Greenleaf, Indiana. And he's gay." Then they switch back to Howard and his fiance (not to mention his whole family) staring blankly at their television set. (At this point, the whole audience, myself included, erupted into hysterical laughter.)

One ridiculous scene follows another.

The phone rings; Howard picks it up, listens for a second, says "No, I'm not," and hangs up. He walks into the boys' locker room and all his students cover up with towels and ask him to leave. Of course, now he's national news, and is constantly annoyed by reporters who ask questions like "Do you know Ellen?" One reporter, Peter Malloy (Tom Selleck), confesses that he is gay and gives Howard a big, sloppy kiss on the mouth (not in front of a camera, of course).

My Rating = Three Stars

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