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I Know What You Did Last Summer



I Know What You Did Last Summer
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I Know What You Did Last Summer is a not - so - scary horror film that's only slightly better than the book it was based upon, which isn't saying a lot. The book, I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan was too slow and mild for a horror story; the movie, which deviated quite a bit from the book, was excessively violent and dragged out a sluggish plot.

The movie opens with five minutes of ocean footage, not a human being in sight, and annoyingly loud grunge music pounding in the background. When I started to wonder if this film was a nature channel documentary or a gripping horror movie, one human being became visible, sitting on the edge of a cliff and getting sloshed. A few long minutes later, a group of four partying teens, (one teen is quite obviously drunk) leaves the nearby beach and they tear down the highway at breakneck speed. The man standing by the side of the road, steps out directly into their path - whoopsie! He's dead! Afraid they'll be charged with manslaughter, the four teens resolve not to report the accident, opting instead to dump his body in the ocean. Of course, he wakes up right before they dump him, but by then they're so freaked out, they force him under anyway - now it's really murder!

One year later, teenager Julie James, receives a letter stating: "I know what you did last summer". Oh dear, they should've been a little more discreet. Later, her three friends are targeted too: Helen the beauty queen has her beautiful hair shorn off while she sleeps; Barry is run over and almost killed; and Ray also receives a letter. Did I mention that he is also in love with Julie, who doesn't share his sentiment? Can't have a movie without a romance, can you?

This all boils down to the obvious question: Who knows? Who cares? While some scenes may entertain those who frighten easily (and enjoy it) I found the suspense wearisome. None of the so-called "suspense" scenes put me on the edge of my seat, although a few were rather amusing in their sheer lack of originality.

My Rating = Two Stars

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