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The Ice Cream Man



The Ice Cream Man is an excellent movie if all you want to do is sit down and watch a comically bloody and gloriously gory horror flick for eighty-five minutes. There's not much to this movie but blood, gore, and a somewhat original plot, but it's still good dumb fun.

The ice cream man is your typical horror movie psychotic. He murders kids and animals and mixes blood and eyeballs into his ice cream (ewwwwww!). But on the outside, he seems like a pathetic, misunderstood, nice guy. At times you almost feel sorry for this poor guy - until he kills someone's dog or something. Also, he keeps having flashbacks to his time spent at the funny farm - one annoyingly nice doctor keeps saying, "There are no bad days. Every day is a happy, happy, happy day!" Meanwhile some local kids decide to get evidence that the ice cream man is a murderer because the police don't believe them.

If you're looking for a brainless mess of blood, guts, and cheesy dialogue, this is the film to rent. I thoroughly enjoyed its lack of credibility and wacky premise.

My Rating = Two Stars

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