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Hollywood should produce more movies like Hush: No special effects, just a well-scripted plot and superior acting.

Gwyneth Paltrow plays Helen, Jackson Baring's live-in girlfriend, who he takes home to meet his mother, Martha (Jessica Lange). When Helen surprisingly becomes pregnant, they decide to get married and have the wedding at his mother's huge estate. With some careful conniving, Martha convinces them to temporarily move to the estate and help her fix it up for sale. Later, Helen befriends Alice, Jackson's grandmother, and learns some interesting things about Martha's past, and her husband's "accidental" death (which Jackson blames himself for). In fact, its starting to look like Martha may just be out to get Helen too...

Lange's acting is superb - she is subtle but spooky as Martha; while she's spreading lies all over town, she has a fascinating nervous energy. Paltrow's portrayal is also commendable.

I liked the premise of the movie - a mother-in-law who is quite literally a holy terror - is original and terrifyingly portrayed by Lange.

My Rating = Four Stars

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