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Houseguest is one of the last good Sinbad movies made before he apparently turned to such stale and bleak movie concoctions as First Kid and Good Burger. This one is actually worth watching.

Sinbad stars as Kevin Franklin, who is running from a bunch of mobsters and decides to pose as a stranger's houseguest. After a few days, Kevin gets the hang of things, and learns that the person he is posing as is a dentist. Of course this leads to Kevin's being asked to perform an impromptu dental operation, which he does with the skill of...well, the skill of a very bad dentist!

Sticky situation after sticky situation follows, and the mobsters are gaining on Kevin as he becomes fast friends with his new benefactors. Meanwhile, he solves the family's problems like a professional, and buys a lottery ticket that could be worth something - if he can get away from the mobsters alive!

Although it gets a little on the dopey side during a few scenes, Houseguest remains highly entertaining. A great performance by Sinbad makes this comedy a must-have at the video store.

My Rating = Three Stars

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