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House Sitter
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Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn are lots of laughs in the screwball comedy House Sitter.

Martin plays Davis, an architect that built a huge house for his girlfriend and proposed to her, only to be turned down. Heartbroken, it is several months before he goes back to the house, only to discover that Gwen, a waitress he had a one night stand with, has moved in. And, oh yes, she has spun elaborate lies for everyone, to the point of telling them she's married to Davis! She spends a lot of money - on credit, because everyone in town knows and loves Davis - and apparently Davis will have to go along with the scheme. It works out pretty well, considering that it makes his old girlfriend jealous. But Gwen also gets him into quite a few comical mishaps.

House Sitter is a good dumb comedy, and is well enacted, despite its lack of believability. It's definitely a fun rental.

My Rating = Three Stars

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