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All the Pretty Horses



All the Pretty Horses
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Although I'm not a western movie fan, I do enjoy watching Matt Damon. However, while All the Pretty Horses temporarily snagged my attention, eventually it started to drag.

Damon is a cowboy whose mother sells the family ranch, leaving him with no place to ride horses - or do whatever else cowboys are supposed to do. With his best friend for company, he packs up and heads to Mexico, looking for work. During their trip, they meet a young runaway. Reluctantly, they let the troublesome kid join them.

Eventually, they end up working on a big ranch in Mexico, where Damon falls in love with the ranch owner's beautiful daughter - bet you didn't see that coming, huh? Obviously this is not going to work.

The cast of All the Pretty Horses was terrific, but the plot was not.

All the Pretty Horses was also unrealistic (plot spoiler ahead): Since when does Matt Damon not get the girl? Apparently the scriptwriters were planning to have a less exciting male lead.

Basically, All the Pretty Horses is a good movie for only two types of people: western cowboy movie fans, and Matt Damon fans. Otherwise, you'll be bored.

My Rating = Two Stars

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