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The Horse Whisperer



The Horse Whisperer
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Robert Redford and Kristin Scott Thomas star in the wonderful movie The Horse Whisperer.

Thomas plays Annie, a magazine editor whose teenage daughter Grace survived a serious horseback riding accident involving two horses and a semi-truck. The accident was so meticulously portrayed that the moviegoer is temporarily immobilized. (It's the most shocking scene in the movie.) Grace, as well as her horse, Pilgrim, remain seriously injured. She no longer wants to ride, and Pilgrim has become an extremely wild and unresponsive horse - the veterinarian repeatedly suggests putting him to sleep. Annie decides to call Tom Booker, a renowned Horse Whisperer. In other words, Tom "helps horses with people problems". Although Tom tells Annie he can't help her, she packs Pilgrim and Grace up and makes the long drive to Montana to find him. Once there, Tom reluctantly agrees to help her, and they stay in Montana for several weeks. Tom works with Pilgrim, trying to tame the horse, and Annie finds herself enjoying life on a ranch. In fact, she finds herself enjoying Tom's company and seems to forget all about her husband back in New York. It soon becomes apparent that she is falling for Tom - but will she leave her husband for him? Meanwhile, will Grace ever get the courage to ride Pilgrim again? That is, if Tom can tame Pilgrim?

I'm not much of a horse lover, but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was an intriguing story and was extremely well performed, by all the actors. My only complaint is that it did get a bit lengthy and drawn out toward the end. If only Annie could have decided who she wanted - Tom or her husband - sooner, I'd have rated it higher. Still it's a highly enjoyable movie.

My Rating = Three Stars

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