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This three - hour saga drags lethargically onward with the pace of a snail - who's just swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills. Even the violent scenes where everyone gets shot are boring (if you're wondering how that's possible, just see the movie).

From the beginning, it is unclear who's after who and why. I get the impression that "Bumpy" Johnson (Lawrence Fishburne), the main character, is supposed to be the hero of the story, although he doesn't strike me as your prototypical good guy type. Bumpy shoots just as many people as the "bad guys" who are after him and his lottery business.

I can't give Fishburne points for great acting either, because all he did was keep a perpetually cold and disinterested expression on his face for the duration of the movie.

If you're particularly fond of stories about the Mafia and the 1930's, you might be more entertained by this headache of a movie than I was, but if not, skip it. It was too lengthy, too bloodthirsty, too brutal and too complicated for my taste.

My Rating = Two Stars

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