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Homeward Bound II



Homeward Bound II
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Homeward Bound II Lost in San Francisco is an agreeable movie for small children but, I can assure you that any teenager or adult will know what the ending is - long before it arrives.

The Himalayan cat Sassy, the golden retriever Shadow, and the American bulldog Chance, are the Seaver family's lovable pets. The Seavers plan to take these adorable pets with them on a camping trip in the Canadian Rockies, but, surprise! surprise!, their pets get loose - and lost- at the airport. The "lost" pets trample around San Francisco, trying to get home to the suburbs, and they meet some friendly stray dogs , while the Seavers worry about them. Does it sound similiar to Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey? They could have called it "Lost Again!" Only instead of fighting impossible odds lost in the wilderness, these pets are lost on the rough streets of San Francisco. I think you know what will happen.

If you're looking for a "safe" animal movie for young kids, this is it, but if you're looking for more excitement, and an original plot, this movie will disappoint you.

My Rating = Two Stars

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