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I'll be Home for Christmas



I'll be Home for Christmas
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I'll be Home for Christmas is a splendid holiday comedy that the whole family can enjoy.

Johnathan Taylor Thomas stars as Jake, a self-absorbed prep-school student whose father wants him home for Christmas. Jake is resentful of his stepmother, whom his father married only ten months after his first wife's death, and doesn't want to spend the holidays with them. In a desperate attempt to lure Jake home for the holidays, his father offers Jake a Porsche - just to come home.

Unfortunately, Jake winds up stranded in the desert, wearing a Santa suit - thanks to some bullies, one of whom is headed home with Jake's tough-stuff attitude girlfriend (Jessica Biel). Therefore, Jake has to hitch rides with all sorts of crazy characters.

In one of my favorite scenes, Jake, a terrific schemer, helps a cop get back together with his estranged wife by rewriting "Oh, Christmas Tree". The cop sings this revamped Christmas song in a terribly off-key voice, which was very hilarious. (One discrepancy - the actor's voice sounded very well trained, even though he was off key - obviously he had had a lot of vocal training. Personally, I think they should have picked someone who really couldn't sing.)

But enough of my nit-picking. I thoroughly enjoyed I'll be Home for Christmas. This film is well-acted, highly comical, and really puts you in the holiday spirit. (And it's also an especially great opportunity for Johnathan Taylor Thomas fans to catch him on the screen, as he recently left the TV show Home Improvement.) I would gladly sit through it again.

My Rating = Three Stars

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