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Home for the Holidays



Home for the Holidays
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This screwball comedy, Home for the Holidays, about wacky and annoying relatives reminded me of a few of my own (who will remain nameless for obvious reasons).

Claudia, a single woman in her early thirties, isn't having a good Thanksgiving. She makes out with her boss (right after he fires her), then drives to the airport with her sixteen-year old daughter, Kitt, who informs her she's going to have sex with her boyfriend. A not so happy flyer, Claudia loses her coat in the airport. Greeted by her tacky mother, and father who argue nonstop, Claudia's crummy Thanksgiving continues. Later, at her parents' home, she meets her awful relatives, and a laughable dinner table scene occurs.

Brother Tom accidentally flings a turkey onto sister Joanne's dress. Furious, Joanne reveals that Tom is gay, and married to Claudia's old boyfriend Jack. Kooky Aunt Gladys confesses that she once kissed Claudia's father, angering her mother, who, also angry about Tom being gay, leaves the table mad. (Get it?).

Rent this endlessly funny flick for a barrel of laughs and a great holiday movie.

My Rating = Four Stars

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