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Holy Man



Holy Man
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While I enjoyed Holy Man I think it was marketed entirely wrong. The ads and previews make this movie out to be nonstop comedy - and with Eddie Murphy in it there's bound to be some - but it takes on more of a serious tone after a while.

Murphy plays a character known simply as "G". He basically acts like some sort of guru, and the home shopping network producers who befriend him Ricky Hayman (Jeff Goldblum) and Kate Newell (Kelly Preston) decide to put him on television. Hayman's career is failing and he hopes G will be a success, therefore earning them both loads of money while Kate really likes G. As it turns out, G is a great success, but thinks they should let him go so he can "continue on his journey", as he puts it.

There were some wonderfully funny scenes in Holy Man and I thought that Murphy was very well cast in his role, but I must warn you that this is not straight comedy. Also, the open ending is frustrating -- there are so many things not clearly explained. All in all, though, I would recommend Holy Man.

My Rating = Three Stars

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