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Mr. Holland's Opus



Mr. Holland's Opus
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Surprisingly, I actually liked the movie, Mr. Holland's Opus.

Reluctantly, Mr. Holland becomes a music teacher at a high school. He only plans to teach for four years, then spend the rest of his life composing music. But, somehow he winds up teaching music a lot longer - 30 years to be exact.

One summer, he teaches Driver's Ed. - for extra money. He is horrified by his students' lousy driving, but when his wife has a baby, he drives recklessly to get to the hospital. The students in the car were terrified. That was so-o-o funny.

Mr. Holland helps many of his students - not just in appreciating music, but in other ways. At one point, he asked the school band to play something for him. They were terrible. Not a single band member hit a note correctly. Does Mr. Holland give up on them? No...soon, with patience, he has them playing beautifully.

Other things happen. He discovers that his son is deaf. A favorite student is killed in Viet Nam. A brilliant student named Rowena is discovered. And on it goes - interestingly.

The best part of this movie is that it will make you appreciate your good teachers even more.

My Rating = Four Stars

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