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High Spirits



High Spirits
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Peter O'Toole stars in High Spirits a semi-amusing supernatural comedy.

O'Toole is a down-on-his-luck gentleman who is about to get kicked out of his English castle. His mother tells him that he's upset his father and grandmother, both long dead, and he gets the idea that he can attract guests by claiming the mansion is haunted. Soon, several guests arrive. There's the couple with the bratty kids. Then there's the couple who doesn't get along well at all; her father owns the castle and she wants to leave but he insists on staying and soon falls for a ghost, whose husband (also a ghost) has reenacted her murder every night for two hundred years.

There were some laughable scenes in High Spirits but I saw the end coming a mile away. Perhaps fans of O'Toole's might enjoy it more than I did.

My Rating = Two Stars

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