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Dustin Hoffman stars as a not very heroic hero in Hero, a rather unrealistic but entertaining drama.

Hoffman is Bernie Laplante, a common criminal. On the way to pick up his kid and see a movie, he witnesses a plane crash. Complaining about getting his stolen hundred dollar shoes wet, he opens the hatch and lets everyone out of the plane. A little boy asks him to go in after his father and he agrees, although reluctantly. As it turns out, the boy's father is already out of the plane, but Bernie does save several other lives. At one point, he saves an ambitious news reporter, played by Geena Davis, (pocketing her purse in the process). The reporter is carried off to an ambulance exclaiming, "It's my story!" He also loses one of his shoes and gives the other to another down-and-out man, John Bubber, played by Andy Garcia. Later, a reward is offered to the man who saved everyone. When Bernie fails to step forward, Bubber claims the reward, leading to interesting complications.

Bernie who is now in the doghouse with his kid, whom he never got to take to the movies. Later,when he tries to pawn the reporter's credit cards on the black market, he gets arrested.

Hoffman's dry sarcasm and the originality of the story make this film intensely entertaining. Hoffman was the perfect actor for this part, and the supporting actors were admirable.

My Rating = Three Stars

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