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Hello Again



Hello Again
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Shelly Long stars as a reincarnated housewife in the screwball comedy, Hello Again.

Lucy Chadman (Long) is a klutzy housewife who is constantly embarrassing her rich doctor husband at swanky parties. She's much more comfortable volunteering at a day care center and visiting her sister Zelda's New Age bookshop than rubbing elbows with the rich. Then, she dies. Zelda, the aforementioned kooky New Ager, offers Lucy a South Korean chicken ball and Lucy chokes to death. A year later, Zelda is able to reincarnate her, and Lucy discovers a few unpleasant surprises.

Her husband is now married to Kim, one of the rich snobs she didn't much care for. Angry with him, Lucy decides that they are through (after all, she IS legally dead) and begins a romance with the doctor who tried to save her life (and obviously failed). Meanwhile, she's a media sensation, the first person who ever came back to life a year after her death.

The story is very unbelievable, but is witty and amusing for the most part. It has enough funny scenes to make up for what the plot (and the acting) lacks.

My Rating = Two Stars

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