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He Got Game



He Got Game
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In his well-plotted new movie, He Got Game Denzel Washington does an excellent job of portraying a profoundly interesting character.

That would be Jake Shuttlesworth, a jailed criminal (it takes a while before you find out what he did) whose son Jesus (Ray Allen) is a huge basketball prospect. Every college wants Jesus to attend their school because they know he'll probably go on to the NBA. Temporarily released from prison, Jake attempts to convince Jesus to attend the state governor's old alma mater, Big State University. Jesus, bitter and angry with his father for - we find this out only about two thirds of the way through the movie- killing his mother in a fit of rage, refuses to even speak to him at first. He also forbids his younger sister to speak to their father, although she seems happy to see Jake again. (Jesus has more or less raised her, with some help from his aunt and uncle.) Jake is quickly running out of time to convince Jesus to go to Big State; he'll soon be hauled back to jail.

Jesus receives many tempting offers from different schools, and everyone keeps repeating the phrase, "This is the biggest decision of your life". Even his girlfriend wants him to meet an agent she knows. Determined to get out of the ghettos and improve his life, Jesus has to make his decision carefully. Meanwhile, Jake is still trying to keep from returning to jail.

I didn't agree with the fact that - don't read any further if you don't want to know the end - Jesus eventually forgives his father - it seemed unforgivable to me. But I did like the story of how Jesus used basketball "as a tool" to help improve his life, and that he was smart enough to make sure he got an education too. The acting was terrific also, and overall it was an intriguing story.

My Rating = Three Stars

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