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Harriet the Spy



Harriet the Spy
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I highly recommend the movie Harriet the Spy for kids of all ages.

Harriet, on her "spy" route watches a Chinese family and what goes on in their grocery store; a man who loves cats and has so many he is constantly evading the Health Department; a rich lady's mansion, and all her unusual friends.

One day, her friends accidentally find her notebook and read some notes that she wrote-about them. The notes about her friends were true - but not exactly complimentary, so they are furious.

Now everyone at school, including her friends, hate her. Harriet's sincere maneuvers to win them back continue till the end of the movie, and hold your attention, most of the time.

Harriet, (Michelle Tratenberg) was a terrific and believeable Harriet the spy.

My Rating = Three Stars

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