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Hard Rain



Hard Rain
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Hard Rain is a lovely tale of how amazingly corrupt even the most seemingly honest people can become when money is involved.

It starts with Charlie (Ed Asner), the security guard of an armored bank vehicle (carrying millions, of course), who makes a deal with some friends. They will hijack his van, get rid of his partner, and split the money with him. Incidentally, they plan this on the day of a raging storm and flood, and, distracted by the rain, accidentally shoot Charlie. (The audience is expected to believe it was accidental, but considering the ruthlessness of these characters, I find this quite unrealistic.)

Charlie's partner, Tom (Christian Slater) leaves with the money - to save his life or so he can keep it himself? Good question, but the thieves whose ringleader Jim (Morgan Freeman) doesn't need the answer to that question as urgently as the answer to this one: Where did he hide it? They're off in a mad rush, and some completely unbelievable action sequences occur - in a local school. Later, local police officers and the sheriff become involved, and decide they want a piece of the action, too. You almost expect a priest to show up and ask that he be cut into the deal too!

You're supposed to be distracted from this overdone display of greed and corruption by the disaster element of the flood, but this fails to work. A few perilous life-death situations are briefly diverting, but you know the hero is always going to survive anyway, so even this fails to save the movie.

My Rating = Two Stars

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