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Happy Texas
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Happy Texas is a mediocre comedy set in an ordinary, small Texas town.

Harry and Wayne are two of three escaped convicts who steal a camper. While driving through Happy, Texas, they are stopped by the sheriff (William H. Macy) - who mistakes them for beauty pageant experts. (They were expecting Steven and David, the gay couple who owned the camper.) Now, Harry and Wayne pretend to be David and Steven so they can not only avoid the cops but also rob the local bank.

This leads to some amusing behavior, and many of the scenes were laughable. Wayne teaches a group of little girls about pageant etiquette - much to the delight of their teacher, Illeana Douglas, who obviously likes Wayne. Too bad she thinks he's gay.

Harry encounters the same problem when he falls for the bank president - only she wants him to act like her "girlfriend". She confesses all her men troubles to him (the guy she's been seeing is obviously a jerk). Then, Sheriff Chappy confesses he has a crush on Harry.

Audio VersionThe good thing about Happy Texas is that it didn't drag on too long - if it had lasted much longer than its 98 minutes, I would have left. (As it was, there were a few slow scenes.) The acting was serviceable (although Douglas' southern drawl was not quite convincing).

My Rating = Two Stars

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