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Anthony Hopkins is back as crazy killer Hannibal Lecter in the The Silence of the Lambs sequel Hannibal, while Julianne Moore takes over Jodie Foster's role as FBI agent Clarice Starling.

After being publicly humiliated and used as a scapegoat by her back-stabbing coworkers, Clarice is once again pursuing Hannibal. Bodies pile up. Hannibal seems to be playing a maddening game with Clarice: Does he want her to find him, or not?

Clarice becomes obsessed with Hannibal, yet seems to enjoy tracking him down.

Meanwhile, the only one of Hannibal's victims who managed to survive with a ruined face and crippled body is a very rich man - and he's planning is own revenge. Also, an enterprising law officer in Italy schemes to earn a reward for not turning in Hannibal - a big mistake, as he finds out too late. (Hannibal has morbid fun with this guy.)

As often is the case with sequels, The Silence of the Lambs remains more stunning and shocking. For one thing, Jodie Foster is a more impressive Clarice than Moore - although, in all fairness, the character is written differently this time too, so I'm sure that has an effect. (Somehow the plot involving a new FBI agent was more engaging.) Additionally, Clarice's relationship with Hannibal is much altered - in Hannibal, they almost come across as old friends! (Near the end, he almost becomes protective of Clarice.)

Hannibal has been described as extremely disgusting; honestly it wasn't that abominable. A human-brain snack scene is rather gross, and I wouldn't recommend this movie for anyone squeamish. But basically, Hannibal, despite its flaws, is an entertaining horror movie. Just remember that the original was far superior.

My Rating = Three Stars

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