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Halloween: H20



Halloween: H20
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Halloween: H20 is no Scream. Its plot is loosely constructed, and the best thing I can say about this film is that at least moviegoers see a fair amount of bloodshed for their money.

Michelle Williams plays Molly, the girlfriend of John Tate (Josh Hartnett), whose mother (Jamie Lee Curtis) is the rather famous Laurie Strode. Her brother killed her sister and several of her friends (in earlier movies) and she has now changed her name to Keri Tate. Apparently the producers tried to improve upon this Halloween movie by adding a lot of psychological junk about her fragile emotional state, etc. It didn't work.

What happens isn't surprising. Brother dearest comes after Keri and her family on Halloween, and kills anyone else who happens to get in his way. What annoyed me was the fact that Keri keeps missing opportunities to finish him off. The only explanation is that she knew she had to stretch out the chase scene for another half-hour so that moviegoers wouldn't feel cheated. That didn't work either. I just felt like smacking some sense into her. I actually found myself snapping at the movie screen, "He isn't dead you idiot, stab him again!"

That was when I remembered that I was in a movie theatre with a bunch of other people, so I shut up. But no one gave me any funny looks, so I suspect everyone else was feeling exactly the same way.

My Rating = Two Stars

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