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Grizzly Mountain



Grizzly Mountain
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Grizzly Mountain, a delightful children's movie is sure to please young audiences under ten years old, because of it especially warm animal scenes.

However, I was bored.

A young family takes a trip to the mountains. Two children, Nicole and Dylan, with their parent's permission, go exploring. Upon entering a cave they are sent back in time about a hundred and twenty five years. They soon meet up with an old man named Jeremiah(Don Hagarty), a tribe of Indians (Jeremiah's friends), and Jeremiah's pet bear, Jack. Jeremiah is busy trying to keep his mountain from being blasted by dynamite to make way for a new railroad and his Indian friends are only trying to save their homes on the mountain. Nicole and Dylan also offer to help, and meanwhile try to find a way back to the present - and their parents.

Although I did enjoy the wildlife scenes - the bear who acted on cue, and the well trained golden eagle, the only thing that saved this movie from being a chore to watch was a three-stooge trio of ridiculously stupid men. They supplied the laughs.

Nicole and Dylan didn't impress me; I've seen younger child actors give more convincing performances; Don Hagarty was well cast in his role as Jeremiah.

My Rating = Two Stars

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