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Great Expectations



Great Expectations
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Handsome Ethan Hawke's last endeavor, Gattaca, left me rather unimpressed , but Great Expectations changed my opinion of his acting.

Great Expectations opens with Hawke's character Finnegan Bell still in childhood, an orphan whose uncle is paid to send him to visit a dotty old woman (Anne Bancroft) and her ten year old niece, Estella (Raquel Beaudene). Of course he has a crush on her niece, although she snubs him. Eventually, she leaves to attend college abroad, and Finn becomes bitter and disillusioned. Seven years later, however, a mysterious benefactor pays his way to New York to become an artist, a dream that he gave up years earlier. As romance movies go, he runs into Estella (Gwyneth Paltrow), who is now engaged to someone else. That doesn't stop her from stirring up their old romance though.

The acting is wonderful, and the movie is well plotted. Having originally been written in the eighteen hundreds (I never could get into any of Charles Dickens' books) and recently revised for the movies, it has a silly, fairy tale element, but that can be forgiven. The movie is too unrealistic to be taken very seriously, and fortunately a few comical scenes were provided as well.

My Rating = Three Stars

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