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Instead of wasting their time on Star Wars the movie industry should have reissued this timeless musical in DTS. John Travolta never fails to make you slobber, and even the sixties music is enjoyable. Coming from me, that's quite a compliment, as I usually hate old music.

This movie is a real treasure, and if you weren't around to see it when it first came out, you should rent it today. Watch Grease once and you'll scowl at some of today's best movies.

As many of you may know (If you're considerably older than I am) this movie stars Travolta as Danny Zuko, a senior at Rydell High . Danny is quite shocked when his summer fling, whom he thought he'd never see again, shows up as a new student at Rydell on the first day of school. The music continues on about their relationship, with equally engaging subplots about their schoolmates.

The problem with many movies today is that they just don't have charismatic actors like Travolta (except for the movies he plays in, of course ) or this refreshing combination of dialogue and singing. The only movie released in my lifetime with this pleasing "Two-hour-music-video" format is Evita. I truly wish the movie industry would stop making violent, shoot-em-up-everybody-dies action "thrillers" and start making more musicals. Particularly more musicals with Travolta.

My Rating = Four Stars

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