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I'd viewed Grease on video many times - and loved it- but the move theatre experience was remarkably better. The audience was cheering and clapping, and it was the most audience participation I've seen since the enthusiastic opening of Scream 2.

Of course, the older people came to see it again on its twenty- year anniversary, but it was just as big a hit with the younger crowd who, like me, had only seen it on video. The sound quality is much better, and the theatre was packed.

The plot is basically high school life and romance in the seventies - sexy John Travolta (who has put on a few pounds in the last twenty years, but still holds charm as an actor) stars as Danny Zuko, and Olivia Newton-John stars opposite as his girlfriend, Sandy. There are equally interesting subplots about their friends and classmates - all superbly acted, or sung

As a musical, it has many songs that are still popular today. At several points, they audience applauded wildly for such songs, and especially for Grease Lightning which was doubly entertaining because you also get to watch Travolta dance.

This movie attracts all generations, and is bound to be an even bigger hit now than it was in 1978.

My Rating = Four Stars

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