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Grand Canyon



Grand Canyon
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There is one line I really love in Grand Canyon. Steve Martin, who plays a fairly snobby movie producer, says, "The problem is that people don't watch enough movies. All of life's riddles are answered in movies." As a movie critic, I really appreciated that line. (So, considering that I've watched hundreds of movies, I guess that makes me pretty wise, right?) I enjoyed other parts of this film, although at times it became a bit too philosophical, too poetic, or just plain too weird.

Mack (Kevin Kline), a California businessman develops a friendship with Simon (Danny Glover), an amicable African-American man he meets while marooned in a bad neighborhood. Meanwhile, a producer friend is shot (that's Martin's character) and his wife finds an abandoned baby. She decides they should adopt it. (Their only son, a fifteen-year-old, is away at camp this summer, where he meets his first girlfriend in a subplot.) Mack is also toying with the idea of having an affair with his secretary (he already slept with her once). She apparently thinks she's in love with him. And his new friend needs to get his sister and her family out of their bad neighborhood.

I think one of my problems with this film is that it just tries to do too much. There were so many plots and subplots that my head was spinning. And I quickly tired of the myriad discussions about destiny, fate, and the like. These characters spend so much time probing the depths of their imaginations for explanations of why things happen that they hardly ever do anything interesting. Some parts were amusing, but I would have preferred that this movie kept its feet a bit more firmly planted on the ground.

My Rating = Two Stars

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