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Gossip is a fascinating, twisted thriller about - what else?- gossip.

The gossip in question is a rumor started by three college students, Cathy Jones, Travis, and Derek. For a school report, they decide to start a rumor, and track it, to see how it grows. Their rumor claims that Sarah, a rich girl (who, according to previous gossip, never has sex) got drunk and slept with her boyfriend (Joshua Jackson) at a party. (Derek saw the two in an upstairs bedroom while his drunk girlfriend was barfing in the bathroom; he claims Sarah passed out and Jackson left.) But that doesn't stop them from stretching the truth.

As you might guess, the rumor spreads and grows in the telling. Soon, even Sarah believes that she was raped. Charges are pressed against Jackson, and things get ugly for everyone.

Then, Jones discovers some past secrets involving Derek and Sarah, and the plot becomes even more convoluted.

Audio VersionThe plot of Gossip has so many twists and turns you have to love its surprise ending. The acting is terrific, and the plot is original and intriguing. Gossip is definitely a fun, sassy thriller.

My Rating = Three Stars

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