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Good Will Hunting



Good Will Hunting
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Brilliantly acted and co-written by Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting, a spectacular film, is sure to win many accolades and rave reviews.

So I'll get started with my rave review. Damon plays Will Hunting, a young man from a rotten neighborhood who has a police record and little formal education, but, nonetheless, is a mathematical genius. Robin Williams portrays Sean, Will's therapist. What I love about Williams' character is that he's not the all-together, well-adjusted shrink you see in most movies; he has issues to work out as well, speaks honestly to Will even reverting to swearing when appropriate - all of which makes him more real and less stereotypical.

A subplot develops about Will's relationship with a rich Harvard - student girl, but the story is mainly about Will's fear of success, and the teachers who try to help him. Although it's primarily a serious story, much comic relief is provided via Robin Williams and Damon's friends which makes for a good combination (much like Damon's last excellent movie, The Rainmaker).

The well written story, as well as the strongly developed characters were tremendously impressive and left you wondering if Matt Damon perhaps has a screenwriting career in his future.

My Rating = Four Stars

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