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The Good Son



The Good Son
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One of Macauley Culkin's last decent films, The Good Son has a fresh and unique plot. His acting, and that of the other actors, is excellent and convincing.

After his mother's death, Mark (Elijah Wood) is left with his aunt, uncle, and cousins while his father closes an important business deal in Tokyo. While Mark soon befriends his cousin Connie, he also begins to suspect that something is seriously wrong with cousin Henry (Culkin), whose hobbies include killing dogs, causing major freeway accidents, trying to kill his sister, and smoking in a cemetery. What a model child.

Creepy as an actor in a horror movie (which this wasn't really intended to be), Culkin displays his enormous acting talent in The Good Son. In the Home Alone movies Culkin was admirable at giving that angelic smile and scaring the criminals silly with juvenile pranks, but in The Good Son his depiction of Henry's madness is absolute dramatic acting.

My Rating = Three Stars

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