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Good Burger



Good Burger
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Good Burger is a bad movie. Okay, that's not terribly articulate, but after sitting through two hours of more stupidity than even David Letterman would dare dish out, I think I've temporarily lost some brain cells.

In this eye-strain inducing piece of trash, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell - who both work for , you guessed, it - the "Good Burger" burger joint are about to be put out of business by another ,bigger burger joint. Some plot. This is sheer, raving idiocy and moviegoers should not be forced to endure it. In fact, many left in disgust - long before the end. I should have joined them.

This movie barely escapes the rating of one that I gave George of the Jungle for non-funny stupidity. There's funny stupid (i.e., Jim Carrey), and then there's "Get-me-some-aspirin-stupid". Good Burger falls into the second category, and rates a weak two.

My Rating = Two Stars

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