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Gone in Sixty Seconds
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Gone in Sixty Seconds has a terrific cast and a score of awesome stunts, yet the plot suffers.

Nicholas Cage plays Randall Raines, former car thief extraordinaire. For the past six years, he's been reformed - but now, in order to save his younger brother's (Giovanni Ribisi) neck, Randall is forced to steal fifty cars in three days.

For such a job he needs help of course; he composes a crew of his old car-thieving buddies (including his ex-girlfriend, who he dumped because she wasn't ready to give up her life of crime yet). Another of his now-reformed friends is a driver's-ed instructor - after witnessing him give a lesson to a very bad driver, you can understand why he would be drawn back to a life of crime! But since I'm currently learning to drive myself, I won't pass judgment.

I had very high expectations for this film. I'm sorry to say I was disappointed. The main problem is that the plot is too weak: The brotherly love concept has been done to death. Some aspects of the plot don't make sense. Aside from that, the movie is slow getting started; the plot drags lethargically for the first hour. The characters seem to be little more than props.

Here's a hint for filmmakers: If you're going to make a movie with a flimsy plot, at least put more action in the film - a lot more- right from the beginning. Don't spend an hour getting to the good stuff. (That, incidentally, is the secret to The Matrix success - I don't know anyone who understood the plot, but all that shooting and breaking stuff sure was fun.)

Audio VersionAnd there is some good stuff in this movie...if you haven't fallen asleep from boredom getting to it. The action scenes - which include driving backward, crashing through walls, and a flying leap over a row of cars- are fantastic. I was certainly impressed with the stunts, special effects, and excellent actors - it's just too bad they didn't have real characters to play.

My Rating = Two Stars

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