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GoldenEye is about your typical British hero, James Bond (sexy Pierce Brosnan). Who else? Most of this movie takes place in St. Petersburg, Russia, where a nuclear bomb blast has completely wiped out a nuclear weapons - computer plant, killing all but two computer experts. Bond has to find a satellite that will outlive the explosion of a second bomb, and, at the same time, he must stop a reckless madwoman named Xenia Onatopp. Xenia crushes men with her thighs (ouch!), while Bond, during an exciting chase, crushes historic buildings with a tank. Countless incessant chases and stunts are included - with one particular flying stunt (Bond flies into a pilotless plane. I spent the next twenty minutes mulling over how he did it. Will James Bond continue to fight evil forces and win? Rent this terrific 90's version of James Bond versus evil forces, and find out.

My Rating = Three Stars

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