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The Golden Child



The Golden Child
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Hilarious comedian Eddie Murphy is the only thing that keeps The Golden Child entertaining.

The plot is rather silly - Murphy plays "finder of missing children". At the beginning of the film, he appears on a television show to appeal for assistance in finding a teenage girl who recently disappeared. The shallow minded host keeps getting off the subject, and Murphy has to repeat himself several times. However, a woman sees him on TV and tracks him down - apparently a young boy in Tibet has been kidnapped by some devil-worshippers who want to use the child's powers for evil purposes. (This part was rather confusing and vague.) Naturally, Murphy laughs it off, but the beautiful woman insists that he is the "chosen one" who will save the child, so he reluctantly agrees to help her. At this point, he starts having dreams that are but aren't reality - it becomes extremely surreal and makes your head spin. You can never be sure if he's supposed to be hallucinating, if he's in some sort of "other-world" or what.

While The Golden Child initially has comedy, it becomes too jumbled to make much sense, and is seriously lacking in plot.

My Rating = Two Stars

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