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Gold Diggers - The Secret of Bear Mountain



Gold Diggers - The Secret of Bear Mountain, a family movie, stars Anna Chlumsky as Jody Salerno, and Christina Ricci as Beth Easton. Jody, a 13 year old girl, lives in a small town with her drunkard stepdad who beats both her and her drink-loving mother. Because of him, Jody spends much time alone in the woods, dreaming of finding old Molly Morgan's hidden gold.

Jody meets Beth Easten, a teenage city slicker who has recently moved to the "sticks", and they become friends. Jody teaches Beth the legend of Bear Mountain, and they hunt for the treasure together. Unfortunately, while they're hiking toward a cave that "supposedly" shelters Molly Morgan's gold, a rockslide occurs inside the mountain. Beth is pinned under a rock and can't get free. The odds are against Jody saving Beth's life, so will she?

It's a movie about friendship - and what two teenage girls will do for each other!

My Rating = Three Stars

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