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Godzilla is your typical action/monster flick: lots of special effects, big monsters stomping around in Manhattan, and corny, cliche lines delivered by not-so-famous actors. If you like that type of movie, then I'd recommend it, but, frankly, I was bored during Godzilla.

One problem is that the two most annoying people - one of them is Nick Tatopoulos (Matthew Broderick) don't get stomped to death by Godzilla. Nick Tatopoulos is a preoccupied, nerdy scientist brought to Manhattan to study the giant lizard, Godzilla. Once there, he runs into his ex-girlfriend, Audrey Timmonds (Maria Pitillo) - what a coincidence, after years of separation - who is a wannabe reporter whose irritating whine continued for most of the movie.

Not that she's the only exasperating aspect of this movie - let's not forget Godzilla himself. Apparently he - yes, he - has laid eggs in Madison Square Garden, so they have to kill both him and the eggs. Easier said than done - every time they think they kill Godzilla, he's not really dead. It gets so repetitive, you just don't care if they kill him or not. This never-ending material is entertaining for, say, ninety minutes, but it becomes terribly stale after two and a half hours. Definitely too drawn-out, Godzilla kept me wondering if he would ever die and the movie would ever reach it's too-apparent ending.

My Rating = Two Stars

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