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Gods and Monsters



Gods and Monsters
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No matter what role he's in, Brendan Fraser always seems to have a perpetually dumb look on his face. That was okay (although not particularly useful) for films like George of the Jungle and Blast from the Past. But it's completely out of place in his role in Gods and Monsters.

Fraser plays a young man who trims lawns in a wealthy neighborhood. One of his clients is an aged former director, whose resume includes the Frankenstein films. He is obviously gay, but it takes Fraser half the movie to figure that out - and then he doesn't even figure it out, but the man's maid informs him. (I thought it was pretty blatant when the old man asked to paint Fraser's portrait, then asked him to take off his shirt.)

Gods and Monsters was quite tedious and tiresome. I couldn't get past Fraser in a role that didn't involve him walking into a tree or something equally dumb. Not that I think another actor would have had luck with such a decrepitly slow script - but it certainly didn't help.

My Rating = Two Stars

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