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My Giant
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The only thing My Giant Crystal plays Sammy, a down-on-his-luck Hollywood agent who has just been fired by his meal ticket, up and coming young star Jason Allen (whom Sammy just "discovered"). Upset and furious, Sammy is on his way home from Romania and wrecks his car - and is nearly killed. This being a dopey comedy, his life is saved by a giant, Max (played by NBA basketball player Gheorghe Muresan). Suddenly, Sammy has a revelation: God spared his life so he could make a star out of eight foot tall Max (and consequently make himself quite rich and important). Back he goes to the movie set and finagles Max's way into the movie with Jason. When Max accidentally becomes drunk and hurls on Jason during a scene, Sammy calls it genius and everyone believes him!

Crystal can usually turn any movie into a hilarious comedy with his terrific dry wit, and he certainly held this one together, but My Giant is still pretty pathetic. It wasn't difficult to watch, as Crystal created enough laughs, but it was very S-L-O-W getting moving. And just when it was starting to get interesting they threw in a depressing plot twist (turns out Max is dying and only wants to see his childhood sweetheart before he dies), which doesn't mix well with a comedy.

My Rating = Two Stars

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