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G.I. Jane



G.I. Jane
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This is going to be a big hit. How do I know? For one thing, the theatre was crowded when I went to a sneak preview and by the time the movie started there were almost no seats left. For another, Demi Moore stars in it, and she's always a big draw. Last but not least, it's a truly terrific movie!

Moore portrays Jordan O'Neill, an Intel analyst who feels she is being treated unfairly because she is a woman. Then, a female senator campaigning for women's rights makes her an offer: O'Neill will be the first woman to train for the Seals, one of the best trained, top military outfits. O'Neill accepts, much to the dismay of her live-in boyfriend (also an officer in the Navy) and many high-up people in Washington. Needless to mention, almost everyone she trains with hates her and nearly everyone she encounters wants her to fail. Top-secret photos are taken to make her look like a lesbian (which she isn't). Even the senator who approached O'Neill in the first place is secretly out to sabotage her.

This movie seems realistic, in that you can believe such things would happen to the first woman in the Seals, and that politicians could easily be so two-faced. It also has enough action to give you a clear idea of what Seals training is really like, but not so much that it's just another bloody shoot-em-up action movie (that kind of movie usually bores me). Actually, this movie has everything and could probably satisfy anyone: there's action for the action movie buff, plot for people who appreciate intriguing stories (not just action, but a point to a movie!), and good, convincing acting on the part of Moore and all of her co -stars. However, leave kids under ten at home because there is violence and bad language.

My Rating = Four Stars

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