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Ghosts of Mississippi



Ghosts of Mississippi
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Like Ulee's Gold, Marvin's Room, and Evita, this film has: plot, substance, and quality acting, all without special effects, aliens, blood and gore.

It also gets kudos for being based on a true story without being tiresome.

Merleye Evers, the widow of Medgar Evars, an African- American gunned down in his own driveway during the sixties, wants her husband's case reopened. She hopes that in the early nineties, a jury will find Delay Beckwith, the racist radical who murdered her husband and got off the hook, guilty . Attorney Bobby DeLaughter helps Merelye, much to the dismay of his racist neighbors in Mississippi.

This movie is pretty long, but it's definitely worth the two hours + in front of the screen.

My Rating = Three Stars

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