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The General's Daughter



The General's Daughter
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John Travolta has a certain way of delivering lines that makes him charming in just about any role. In The General's Daughter, he portrays Warrant Officer Paul Brenner, an undercover government officer who investigates army-related crimes.

Poor Paul gets teamed up with an old girlfriend, Warrant Officer Sara Sunhill (Madeleine Stowe) on a big case: the murder and apparent rape of Captain Elizabeth Campbell (Leslie Stefanson), General Campbell's daughter. Asked to hurry up and solve the murder before the FBI can get involved, Paul and Sara delve into Captain Campbell's past. They discover that Campbell had slept with nearly every man on the base, including her boss, who is the number one murder suspect - at first. Later, they uncover some even more disturbing news about her past.

Having read the book, which was recently re-released with an introduction by the author, I was shocked to learn that Bruce Willis had been considered for Travolta's role. It's not that I don't like Willis - I just truly enjoyed Travolta as Paul Brenner.

Although The General's Daughter was fast paced and held my attention (even though I'd read the book and knew what happened), I couldn't help but notice one thing. It seems as if Paul and Sara might be falling for each other again, in spite of their past history, but this romance is left rather unresolved. (In the book, all the loose ends were tied up.)

My Rating = Three Stars

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