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Don't let the previews fool you. This is less of a science-fiction thriller and more of an achievement story - the "you-can-do-anything-if-you-try" type that I find so maddening. The end is painfully obvious, and it feels like someone's trying to hammer his point into your head with a sledgehammer.

Ethan Hawke does a serviceable, if not completely convincing, acting job as Vincent, a man who can't succeed because of his genetic makeup. That's right, according to this movie, in the not so distant future, your DNA will determine everything - any minor health flaws, and you're destined for a lousy life. Even if there's a slight possibility that you could one day develop a health problem, you're still considered low-class. Determined to beat the system and be blasted into space to visit Titan, one of Saturn's moons, Vincent takes over high-class citizen Jerome Morrow's identity. For this he needs Morrow's blood and urine, plus lots of high-tech medical equipment. With Morrow's cooperation, he gets into Gattaca, an elite space program that is something like a farther advanced NASA.

I personally was more interested in what he might find on Titan - unusual aliens would have been interesting - than if or how he arrived there. If you're big on personal achievement stories, you might be less bored than I was.

My Rating = Two Stars

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